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  • Over 45 years of experience in press manufacturing

  • Specialize in tailor-made solutions aligned with plant requirements

  • Extensive range of presses, from small 1 to 10 ton models to robust "Heavy Duty" line of 3 to 50 ton presses

  • Expertise in designing and constructing various assembly equipment

  • Utilize assembly devices such as electric, pneumatic, air over oil, and hydraulic systems

  • Develop control systems for manual and fully automated assembly processes

  • Automated parts handling systems for enhanced efficiency and productivity

  • Integration of specialized bushing feeders for smooth and precise operations

  • Accurate part and/or bushing orientation for seamless integration and assembly

  • In-process force and distance monitoring for real-time tracking during assembly

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Comau Bushing Press5 (cropped).webp
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